Gabriel Holschneider - Guiding Mexico City's Rainmaker Group

Gabriel Holschneider

As founder and chairman of the Rainmaker Group in Mexico City, Gabriel Holschneider has led a respected business consultancy for more than a decade. He oversees activities spanning areas such as actuarial consulting, structured risk-finance, risk management, and reinsurance facilities. Gabriel Holschneider has achieved recognition within the insurance industry for being the first Spanish-speaking enterprise to set in place a Four Pillar Model of Risk Management.

Mr. Holschneider’s company has a strong environmental commitment, and has created the Rainmaker Trust Fund as a think tank located on 50,000 acres of ecologically intact land. Focused on sustainability, the organization undertakes research in a variety of leading edge scientific areas. Also on the Mexican Fund for Nature Conservation board, he serves as a founding member of the Mexican Association of Akaushi Cattle Breeders.

Mr. Holschneider completed his juris doctor at the Universidad Iberoamericana, and was an associate with SAI Law & Economics in the early 1990s. The pioneering firm featured an interdisciplinary approach to handling investment banking clients’ legal, financial, and economic consulting needs.